Sunday, October 4, 2009

harvest cards...

I am making a very limited edition of Harvest Prints from the photographs of the 2009 season. Hand made cards on acid free heavy card stock. The cards are 5" X 7" with an individual photograph on the front and a blank interior. The backs are signed and dated. I have made up a few dozen of these for personal use and thought I would offer them to readers of this blog. These are nice individual pieces of mini-art to collect, or would certainly make a thoughtful gift to a fellow gardener. $10 each, and that includes postage for first class mail.If you would like one, just browse through the blog and pick out your favorite photograph. I have made up cards for most of my favorite weeks of the Pennypack CSA photos, as well as several nice shots from my own garden. Just tell me what you want, and if I don't have it made already, I'll make up a new one. I have a Paypal account, and would prefer to use it for payments just to keep things simple.

Reach me at

Thanks again for reading and following this blog throughout the season!


Lisa said...

Wonderful Idea! Your book on
"Metrofarming" is fantastic.
Perfect for gifts and sharing ideas. Inspires me to get our
creation room in order!

Jo said...

They look lovely, and such a good idea.

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