Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter tradition

It's become part of my annual Easter tradition to get my seedlings started. It symbolizes rebirth and renewal as well as dovetailing nicely with the timing for the safe date to plant outside here in Zone 6, which is May 15th. What better way to celebrate Easter Sunday than to sow some life giving seeds? So after dinner with my family, I set out 72 seeds starts... my Amish heirloom seeds that I saved at the end of last year's harvest, some heirloom Roma tomatoes a friend has saved from his mother's Italian garden, as well as some Cherry Tomatoes, Wild Arugula, Eggplant,Patty Pan Squash, and some French Breakfast Radishes.

Spring has now officially arrived!


Sunny said...

Would those Amish Heirlooms be a paste tomato? This is the first year I have sown one called Amish Paste from Seed Savers Exchange...hope they are as good as everyone says. Happy planting!

Christopher Paquette said...

I know which tomato you are referring to because I have the Seedsaver Catalog. No, mine are three different varieties that I grew last year with seeds from Amishland Seed in Lancaster, Pa.

Let me know how you like the Amish Paste tomatoes!