Wednesday, March 11, 2009

gardenomics 101

I have invested a good bit of money into two different CSA's this year and I am going to track the economics of this experience. I joined these CSA's for the benefits of good locally produced organic foods, not as a way to save money. But in light of the economy turned upside down, I am interested in comparing my cost of homegrown and CSA produce to what I would spend buying the same produce at the grocery store.

Here are my baseline costs to date:

Cold Season Veggies- 5 flats @ $18.00 ea. = $90.00 (180 plants @ .50 each)

Pennypack Farm- Veggie CSA $450 for a 6 unit per week share

North Star Orchards - Fruit CSA $225 for a 12 week share

I will keep track of the comparable retail pricing of my harvest and share amounts throughout the 2009 season. Both Pennypack and Northstar advise share members that the overall cost is comparable or slightly less than Farmers Market pricing. I am going to use Whole Foods pricing as my comparison because that is where I buy 90% of my produce that is not grown in my garden.


saturday's child said...

Holy Vegetable Harvest, Batman! Between your vegetable garden AND the CSAs, you're gonna have a heapin' helpin' of fresh veg all summer and fall. I'll be curious to see how the gardenomics of this turns out.

Alison said...

our csa is lower in cost than buying at the food coop (where i am a member and an employee and thus get a decent discount). but at home is the least least as far as financial outlay. better food too...