Thursday, April 9, 2009

the miracle of birth...

I was pleasantly surprised to find that today is tomato birthing day! Only four days after sowing the seeds in their peat moss starters packs. I think it is the nice even heat from the radiator, because my seeds usually take well over a week in years past.
They are all coming up uniformly except for the Santore Roma seeds, which germinated much slower than everything else last year as well.

birth of tomatoes 4.09.2009

on a side note... ever since I have been harvesting greens from the garden, dinner has been some form of stir fry as seen below. Tonight it is store bought Onions and Carrots, some Organic Tofu, and a pile of assorted greens from the garden.... Mustard Greens, Arugula, Chinese Cabbage, and some Mesclun, served over Basmati Rice

Stir Fry Greens 4.09.2009

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