Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tomatoes 1

Official start of the 2009 Tomato season with the sowing of seeds in starter packs. I really like these Ferry Morse Tomato starter packs. They are 3" tall peat moss packs that will allow deeper roots to grow and eliminate tedious and potentially damaging transplanting prior to setting out in the garden.

I am growing five varieties of Amish Heirlooms with seeds purchased from Amishland Seed. Here are the five varieties I will be growing this year.

In addition to the Amish Heirlooms, I am also going to grow the same Heirloom Italian Roma that was so successful last summer. These are seeds that have been saved by the Santore family in upstate New York for several generations. They are the most delicious Roma tomato I have ever eaten.

Santore Roma. 2008


Robert said...

I'm glad to hear you still have seeds Chris. I just started mine a little while ago and was thinking of you. I've started waaay too many plants this year, so I am going to have to see if I can find some good homes for them.

saturday's child said...

I'm thinking that after the failure of my London Tomato Experiment 2008 I should try the Florida Tomato Experiment 2009. I'll have to get some of those Ferry Morse peat starters.