Monday, June 1, 2009

CSA Week 1

Today was the first pick up day of the season at Pennypack Farm, the CSA I joined.It was such a pleasure to be out in the Strawberry fields walking among really cool people and a few stray chickens while picking the two quarts of incredible berries I gathered along with a couple heads of lettuce, something called Garlic scrapes (the curly long green stuff) and some wonderful root veggies. There were plenty of braising greens to select from, but I stuck with the root veggies because I have had quite my fill of greens from my own garden this spring.

Tonight I steamed leftover basmati rice with some slices of Black Radish and Celeriac from the farm. I chopped up the Garlic Scrapes and sprinkled them over the rice and let everything steam until it was buttery tender. Absolutely delicious! The Black Radish has quite a bite when raw, but was perfect once steamed, and the Celeriac was a new experience for me... loved it!

I had never heard of Garlic Scrapes before.... here is a good New York Times article about them...Spring Menu of Green Garlic and Scrapes

The wandering chickens reminded me to buy a dozen of Pennypack's own eggs, the freshest and most delicious eggs I have ever eaten.

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saturday's child said...

the micro greens from you thinning is a great idea. Also, worth imulating is the all garlic party mentioned in the NYTimes article. Cool!