Thursday, June 25, 2009

a walk through the garden...

a quick walk through the garden on a steamy night in late June...

All of the pepper plants are doing well except the Tabasco Peppers. The leaves are turning brownish and it looks like something is eating at it. I don't know why it is only this variety that is doing poorly. All of the other varieties are thriving, such as these Thai Dragon Peppers...

thai dragon peppers

I have been carefully thinning out the Carrots and Beets, and both new raised beds are coming up nicely. The seedlings are really starting to look like actual plants!


The container Pumpkin experiment is going really well. The vines are growing vigorously, and I see lot's of flower buds forming. I can't wait to see pumpkins growing around the base of my oak tree.

container pumpkins

I put in several Genovese Basil plants, not as many as I have grown in the past, but it should be enough...(can there ever be enough Basil?? Maybe I should get more!)

genovese basil

The first sign of a true Tomato has appeared on the little Tom Thumb patio plants. These container plants are loaded with flowers right now.

tom thumb tomatoes

And here is the Amish Heirloom Tomato bed soaking up the last hours of sunlight. A few plants have developed flowers, and all of the plants are really thriving. I need to get some support stakes in this bed this weekend.

amish heirloom bed

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