Monday, August 3, 2009

Fruit Share Week 1

Today was the first delivery of weekly fruit shares from North Star Orchards, and as you can see, the quality of the fruit is fantastic! I was amazed at the amount as well. Everything looks so great in the new hand made Amish baskets I bought along the roadside during my incredible weekend in upstate New York. An Amish woman and her adorable little daughter were sitting in their buggy along the side of the road with some baskets and home made jam for sale. I couldn't resist getting this larger basket that I will use to harvest veggies from the garden. The smaller egg basket will be perfect for storing garlic on my countertop.

These weekly fruit shares get delivered right to my Veggie CSA, Pennypack Farm. Everything is bagged up and waiting for those who signed up for fruit. Couldn't be easier! As I was getting my veggies today, I even heard a few people asking themselves why they hadn't signed up for a fruit share.

Here is the haul from week 10 from Pennypack Farm...

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