Saturday, August 8, 2009

Into The Open

I had such an enjoyable day yesterday at the Vegetable Party sponsored by the National Constitution Center, as part of the current Into The Open exhibit.

The weather was absolutely perfect and there are few more stunning locations in Philadelphia than the lawn of Independence Mall. I sat at my table all afternoon in full view of spectacular Independence Hall off in the distance...

I met so many fascinating people during the day. Everyone who came up to talk was genuinely interested in local organic gardening and learning something about the Metrofarming concept.Thanks to everyone who signed our guestbook!

My friends Anne & Tony, who live in Jenkintown, donated a jar of their home cultivated local honey for me to display on the table. There is something irresistible about a jar of honey, it is like liquid sunshine. A woman who stopped by mentioned that she participates in a center city community garden and she is the beekeeper for the garden. As we were talking, I happened to notice a few honey bees on the flowers I brought with me. The woman said, Oh they might be my bees... hello babies!

I had several people come up to the table asking what that wonderful smell was? I had all of my dried herbs spread out all over the table and the hot sun was activating the oils in the herbs so that the air all around my table smelled like Lavender, Mint, and Oregano...

I met some great people who were also participating in the event. The folks from Philadelphia Orchard Project were at the table right next to me, and Greensgrow Farm was demonstrating some amazing solar powered hydroponic growing techinques...

The Constitution Center's in house chef, Derek Steel from Max and Me Catering was presenting live cooking demonstrations using locally harvested vegetables, including a delicious corn salad and a tomato and basil salad using fresh cut basil from Greensgrow Farms hydroponic system that he snipped minutes before he made his salad. As fresh as it gets!

All in all, a very rewarding day. Thanks to the National Constitution Center for inviting me to participate in the event. The staff who ran this event were wonderful, constantly checking to see if we needed water, cookies, etc.

Vegetable Party details

Into The Open exhibit details


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"checking to see if we needed cookies" .. I'm sure you said YES every time, right? < completely giggling down here in the south! >

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