Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday morning tomatoes....

Even with the terrible growing conditions and battling the Late Blight menace, the small crop of tomatoes that have made it to the harvest basket this season have been gorgeous! These are all local heirlooms from Amish Land Seeds and I have posted about my belief in the importance of growing local stock many times. Everything I grew this year has a long history of proven growth in Southeastern Pennsylvania gardens.These gorgeous results just confirm this philosophy for me, and I can't wait to see what these varieties will do in a summer of ideal growing conditions.

Everything I have been picking so far has not only looked beautiful, but has tasted wonderful. I think my favorite so far for taste has been the Harfeuer. The Schimmieg Creg is the hands down winner for appearance. I haven't tasted a Howard German yet, the one shown below was just picked this morning and it is the first harvest of the season. The surprise of the season have been the yellow tomatoes shown below. I didn't order any yellow tomatoes from Amish Land Seed, so there must have been an errant yellow seed or two among my seed packets. (not at all unusual for a small home based seed saving company) I checked the Amish Land Seed website and I think these are Hahnstown Yellow. The closest resemblance I could find to the photos on the website. They are really nice little fruits and I would definitely grow them again!


Howard German

Schimmieg Creg

Hahnstown Yellow


MitMoi said...

I just made/ate my version of your tomato sandwich. I even took pictures. Maybe I'll actually get them posted!

I'm so glad you're at least getting some 'maters. I can't imagine a year without.

ps: I like the stripy ones best! What do they taste like?

Christopher Paquette said...

The stripey ones (Schimmieg Creg) are definitely the best looking. They taste great. They have a bit more meat and are more paste-like than I prefer, but very sweet with no detectable acidity. Great tomato for sauce!

Schimmieg Creg is a Gaelic/Norse word that translates "Striped Rock"

Christopher Paquette said...

... and I want to see photos of your sandwich!!

Anonymous said...

The Hanstown yellow is really cool.

You're managed a really nice crop in spite of all the problems. Congrats.

Chris said...

Thanks Mr BT !